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Founded in 1998, Bayi group is a national high-tech enterprise providing integrated intelligent solutions and equipment for various public venues, and developing and designing intelligent control systems. The company has a registered capital of RMB80.1 million, with more than 200 employees, and 40% of them involving in R&D. It has more than 500 sets of various production equipment, 60 sets of relevant experimental and testing instruments, and various assets have accumulated more than RMB200 million.

The enterprise engineering (technology) center established by the group and several scientific research institutes such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences has provided a strong backing and guarantee for the technological development and new product development of Bayi. Through independent research and development and patent upgrading to promote rapid product upgrades, the group is aiming at bringing the clients a better product service experience,

Zhongyan Bayi Intelligent Technology (Ningbo) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Bayi group, is committed to the integrated development of research and marketing of public health and safety equipment, AI intelligent robots and its surrounding fields, intelligent disinfection terminals, and big data precision advertising media, combining commercial and civil use, so as to inject new strength into the rapid development of the group in the field of intelligence industry.




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